Safeguarding Weapon Stockpiles

Safeguarding Weapon Stockpiles

Pryor have been working with The Halo Trust for a number of years providing part marking equipment that is used to mark weapons for enhanced traceability.

Through this relationship Pryor and Halo have worked together to develop a custom marking and traceability database that is now being used as a weapons management system to mark and register 62,000 weapons that have been stored in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the Balkan Wars of the 1990’s.

We are very proud of the small part we play in this project and continue to support Halo and the local authorities in the Balkan region as they look to replicate this unique project in other regions.

For more information on this project and The Halo Trust, please visit Safeguarding Weapons | The Halo Trust

Serial number marking machine for bolts

“We are helping the army of Bosnia and Herzegovina to build a digital stockpile to stop weapons falling into the wrong hands. We have registered approximately 60,000 pieces of small arms and have catalogued over 250 different types of weapons. That ranges from pistols to AK-47s, M-16s, up to huge mortars and two-person carry items that are fixed to vehicles.”

Steph | The Halo Trust