High Speed Laser Marking

On-the fly Laser Marking

Laser marking has become an industry standard over the last 20 years and provides a fast, high contrast mark on a variety of surfaces.

Our customer was looking to save time in their production process and mark parts as they moved along a production line.

This process of laser marking a component as it moves past the laser is called “marking on-the-fly”. This is difficult to achieve as the static laser head needs to track the speed of the component and mark in the correct place whilst it is moving.

The marking on-the-fly system designed and built by Pryor was a huge success and achieved the following:

  • A marking rate of  4 parts in 1 second on a continuous production line.
  • Marking alphanumeric characters as well as 2D codes
  • Integrated vision system to validate the marked data
  • Full integration into an existing production line

*The system shown in the video is a demonstration unit built by Pryor to showcase the technology


Serial number marking machine for bolts

“We are helping the army of Bosnia and Herzegovina to build a digital stockpile to stop weapons falling into the wrong hands. We have registered approximately 60,000 pieces of small arms and have catalogued over 250 different types of weapons. That ranges from pistols to AK-47s, M-16s, up to huge mortars and two-person carry items that are fixed to vehicles.”

Steph | The Halo Trust